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These days it is nessasary for all websites to be responsive, meaning that the site can rearrange and resize itself to look good on any device.

I believe that a website must be flexible and fluid. The content within a website must be able to fit well in any screen that it's viewed on. This is important these days since it is seen as odd for a site to not have a mobile version

Most people who search online for a specific website will also try to find that website while browsing their smartphones or tablets. if your website cannot resize and rearrange itself depending on what device it is being viewed on, then people who see it will think it is an unprofessional website.

responsive web design is a standard that all websites need to achieve. Your website will receive a bad score on search engines like google bing and yahoo if it is not responsive, which will make it harder for your website to get to the front page.

My web development services includes responsive design, so your website can look good on any device.

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